Rick Doughty

Rick Doughty

Rick presents seminars and runs workshops for parents, helping them find fulfillment in their parenting through understanding their children’s critical needs and behavior.

Rick has spent the past 20+ years applying the learning of brain development specialists to parenting at home and to children in the classroom.

His passion has been to simplify the complex world of neuroscience into trustworthy principles for parents like himself.  These principles are easily understood and can be applied immediately by parents to improve their parenting, their kids, and their fulfillment in parenting.  He has presented in many contexts from public school back-to-school nights to church parenting groups.

He is especially passionate about reaching new millennial parents as these principles become even more effective if used from the beginning of the parenting process.  His book, Fulfilled Kids, Fulfilled Parents, describes and helps parents apply these family-changing principles.

Rick Doughty, M.S.
7877 SW Birdshill Ct.
Portland, OR  97223

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7877 SW Birdshill Ct., Portland

Rick presents workshops for parents, helping them find fulfillment in parenting through understanding their children's critical needs and behavior.

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