Ricky Chan, M.Ed., M.E.R.M.

Ricky Chen

Chief Advisor of Institute of Brain and Mind Education (IBME)
Director of Training & Principal Trainer
CEO & Principal Consultant of Brain Quotient and Neurofeedback Technology Center (BQNF)

Ricky was awarded the master degree of Education and the master degree of Educational Research Method by the University of Western Australia. He is the Chairman of the Association of Brain-Based Learning in Education (ABLE) and serves as the project manager, principal trainer, guest speaker, part-time tutor and education consultant of different sections of the Education Bureau, Tertiary Institutions, Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools in Hong Kong.

Since 2003, Ricky was invited by approximately 500 schools/organizations providing workshops and lectures to principals, teachers and parents, and was on multi-media programmes of Hong Kong to share brain-based learning that relate latest neuroscience findings to teaching and parenting approaches.

Since 2004, he and his wife (Anson) have become the first teachers to be certified/re-certified as Brain-Based Trainer by Jensen Learning Cooperation and in 2005 Ricky was recognized as a “Habits of Mind” Trainer in Hong Kong by Professor Arthur L. Costa, the founder of “Habits of Mind”.

Ricky successfully completed “Neuroscience Basic Practitioner Training Courses” in 2012 recognized by Research Institute of Neuropsychological Science (Korea); Professional, Educational program in Clinical Biofeedback of Basic Instrumentation in 2013 and Clinical EEG Biofeedback in 2015 offered by the Biofeedback Resources International Corporation (USA); Professional Brain Quotient Analysis Training in 2014; Neurotrainer and NeuroCounselor of Neurofeedback in 2016 recognized by Research Institute of Jungshin Science(Korea).

Hong Kong

Professional Development for Educators on Brain-Based Teaching, Habits of Mind and Thinking-Based Teaching. Expert in Early Childhood, Primary, and

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